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My name is Nate Lord. I build Lord Guitars with a simple mission: making the best guitars I can, by hand, with unique and responsibly sourced materials. I make extensive use of salvaged domestic tonewoods in my builds and avoid using woods that contribute to deforestation in areas that are critical to our planet’s health. In keeping with this mission, I often experiment with restored vintage pickups, old stock plastics, and other recycled or repurposed materials as well.

I have been building and fixing guitars for over 10 years, getting my start as a guitar repair and luthier apprentice at Becker Guitars. After working my way up to a repair tech/assistant luthier position at Becker over a few years, I set out to start my own guitar repair service in the Boston area while I refined and prototyped my own guitar designs.

Lord Guitars was launched in my Medford, MA basement shop around 2017-2018 as construction began on the final prototype for what would become my Mystic model. Today my shop is located in an 1850’s barn in Amesbury, MA.

I strive to build original designs that are visually attractive and a joy to play and hear. My designs are heavily influenced by the department store and import guitars of the ’50s and ’60s and early Fender guitars but built with an obsessive focus on quality materials and construction, comfort, and playability.

A few things you can expect from a Lord Guitar:

  • Alternative, domestic tonewoods: In addition to the commonly used domestic woods like ash and maple, I am always experimenting with species that are less often associated with guitars, including black walnut, butternut, fir, pear, Texas ebony, box elder, apple, cherry, and others. Virtually all the woods I am building with today are salvaged.
  • Fat neck: I am a big believer in the “big neck, big sound” mantra and, like many, find that larger necks are more comfortable in the hand. My necks are typically in the .92”-.97” range at the 1st fret and the .95”-1.00” range at the 12th fret.
  • Lightweight: Most guitars are in the 6.5-7 pound range, with just the right amount of contouring.
  • Most often, vintage-spec single coil pickups, lower in output, and little to no potting. A little bit of noise and microphonics are a good thing!
  • A few sneaky modern appointments like two-way truss rods, 12” radiused fretboards, and tall, stainless steel frets.
  • Made in very limited quantities: I build by hand and only produce a few guitars per year in my current setup. As a result there are times when my queue is full and I cannot take custom orders. I do however try to include one guitar in each batch to be made available for purchase upon completion.

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