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My offering to the world of offset guitars. Funky and comfy. Vintage inspired looks and specs, built for playability, tone, and comfort. Standard series Mystics feature heavily contoured one or two piece bodies, built on the slimmer side. Available in a variety of pickup, pickguard, and control configurations. Upgrades include custom colors, specialty woods (based on availability), and other hardware options.



  • Body: One or two piece maple, ash, black walnut, butternut, or fir, 1 ⅜” or 1 ⅝” thick
  • Neck: Curly maple, chunky profile, bolt on.
  • Fretboard: Black walnut or curly maple; 22 stainless steel Jescar 09055 frets, 25.5” scale, 12” radius
  • Pickups: Varies. Some of my favorites include Gemini Pickups and Victory Pickups. Occasionally restored or rebuilt vintage pickups are available.
  • Bridge: Schroeder T-style with 3 compensated brass saddles and aluminum bridge plate
  • Tuners: Kluson Deluxe or Supreme
  • Electronics: CTS pots, Switchcraft pickup selector and output jack, Orange Drop capacitor
  • Nut: Hand carved bone
  • Finish: Satin or matte polyurethane
  • Starting Price: $2500 with Reunion Blues Continental Voyager bag