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In addition to my guitars I offer hand wound guitar pickups, restored vintage pickups, and rewinding services. Most of my pickups are variations on classic single coil designs.

All pickups are designed, assembled, and hand wound by me. Output, wire gauge, and magnet type are customizable. Options include P90s (bar or rod magnets), Tele style pickups, Strat style pickups, full size or mini humbuckers, and more. Depending on the availability of materials, I am happy to wind whatever you would like, and have done gold foil pickups, humbucker sized P90s, Tele bridge P90s, bar magnet blade Strat sized pickups, rod magnet P90s, and others.

When it comes to pickup repair I am most interested in various oddball vintage single coil designs. I have experience repairing many models of gold foil pickups (Teisco, Guyatone, DeArmond), DeArmond Hershey Bars, Kay Pancakes, and all sorts of vintage Japanese single coils (I am a big fan of Tiesco’s P90-like designs). Restored vintage pickups often find their way into my builds as well.

If you’d like to order pickups please contact me. Pricing starts at $75/coil. See below for examples of various Lord Guitar Pickups and demo videos.

Who’s using Lord Guitar Pickups? To name a few:

  • Mike T. Kerr (Mike T. Kerr’s Red Hot Jazz Explosion, Corin Raymond, William Prince) – humbucker-sized P90 neck/tele bridge set, LAF (Lord as F*ck, my take on a PAF)  humbucker neck with rewound vintage DiMarzio Super Distortion bridge set
  • Cody Nilsen (Ward Hayden & the Outliers, solo) – signature “Cococaster” tele set
  • Marc Friedman (The Slip, Ryan Montbleau, Natalie Merchant) – rewound Kay pancake for Value Leader bass
  • Andrew Aghababian (Unnamed Colors, Bird at Sea) – rod magnet “AAA90” set, tele sets, firebird mini humbucker neck/tele bridge set
  • Greg Hall (Ward Hayden &  the Outliers, solo) – single coil sized humbucker for rubber bridge guitar
  • Karge Guitars – tele sets, mini humbucker neck/tele bridge sets
  • Spiller Guitars – tele bridge pickups
  • J.Parsons Guitars – duo sonic pickups
  • Old Truck Guitars – humbucker sized P90 set, various vintage rewinds (these guys keep me busy with a stream of broken DeArmond goldfoils, Teisco goldfoils, Kay pancakes, etc)