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In addition to my guitars I offer hand wound guitar pickups, restored vintage pickups, and rewinding services. Most of my pickups are variations on classic single coil designs.

All pickups are wound to customer specs; output, wire gauge, and magnet type are customizable. Models include P90s (bar or rod magnets), Telecaster pickups, Stratocaster Pickups, and Jazzmaster pickups. Depending on the availability of materials, I am happy to wind whatever you would like, and have done custom humbucker sized P90s, Tele bridge P90s, Firebird spec mini humbuckers and others.

When it comes to pickup repair I am most interested in various oddball vintage single coil designs. I have experience repairing many models of gold foil pickups (Teisco, Guyatone, DeArmond), DeArmond Hershey Bars, Kay Pancakes, and all sorts of vintage Japanese single coils (I am a big fan of Tiesco’s P90-like designs). Restored vintage pickups often find their way into my builds as well.

If you’d like to order pickups please contact me. Pricing starts at $70/coil. See below for examples of various Lord Guitar Pickups and demo videos.